Free Spanish Power of Attorney throughout February and March

a free helping hand from sun lawyers to get your 2021 property search started

We know that there are many frustrated would-be Spanish home buyers at the moment. Their dream of owning a property in the Costa Blanca or Costa Calida areas has been put on hold while the world tackles the pandemic. It’s been a year we could never have predicted and a year no one wants repeated. It now feels like we are at a COVID crossroads. Infections and death rates are still horribly high, but the vaccination programme so far in the UK has gone better than even optimists might have hoped to predict.

We are not too far away from the time when provisional plans for a relaxation of restrictions can begin, including travel. When that does happen, there will likely be many coming to Spain for property viewings. Not just from the UK, but also from other Northern European countries too. If you’re one of those wanting to come out as soon as you’re able, there are things you can do now to start preparing. During February Sun Lawyers is here to give you a helping hand with a free Power of Attorney. Contact us by email and we’ll happily explain more.

an nie number and bank account shows you’re a serious buyer

An agent or a property developer will know if they are talking to a serious prospect, because they will have their NIE number and Spanish bank account already set up. An NIE number is a fiscal ID number in Spain required for many purchases and large transactions. With the NIE and bank account in place, when you see the property you want to buy, the wheels can be set in motion straight away. The chances of you missing out on the home of your dreams is reduced.

The good news is you are able to get an NIE number and back account set up without having to come to Spain. The better news is that the means of doing this, a Spanish Power of Attorney, is being offered free of charge to new Sun Lawyers clients throughout February. That’s an immediate saving of 200 Euros. You will the services of a UK notary and have to cover whatever their fees are.

Contact us for details of our free power of attorney offer

Free during February and March. Our offer of a free Power of Attorney allows you to get the essential building blocks in place ahead of you coming out for property viewings.

If this is of interest, send us an email initially and then we can explain more about what is involved.