Living in Spain

Living in Spain

Making a Will

We advise all of our clients with assets in Spain to make a Spanish Will. This guarantees the inheritance procedure is straightforward and less costly. We arrange a consultation with you and any family members, in order to understand and help achieve your wishes. We will also run through all legal and tax queries you may have.

Inheritance Procedures

The Spanish legal system is very different when it comes to the inheritance procedure compared to other countries like the UK. We advise anyone with assets in Spain to seek legal advice and make a will, this will make everything much easier in the long run. We offer expert legal advice on inheritance law and the tax involved.

Moving house in Spain

Inevitably people who have brought a property in Spain will also sell. The reasons for selling can be numerous. Some people return to the UK, others buy again in the same or different ares. Sun Lawyers is able to advise on the legal aspects of the sale of your Spanish property.

Disputes and litigation

Civil Litigation refers to a legal dispute between two or more parties seeking financial compensation or a specific performance, rather than criminal sanctions. No one approaches the litigation process eagerly. We can help resolve disputes concerning families (including divorce), debt recovery, personal injury, wrongful dismissal, charter of rights of freedom and lost property deposits.

Divorce and Family law

We assist clients in the filing of any kind of divorce, separation, maintenance or other Family proceedings under Spanish Law. We will deal with matters relating to the care and custody of children, visitation rules, maintenance provisions, use of the family home and liquidations. Our approach is always to seek a consensual agreement but if this is not possible, we will defend our client in any court proceedings.


Living in Spain you are obliged to make an annual Personal Income Tax Declaration. Residents and non-residents are both liable to pay taxes on their income and assets. We advise any non-residents that own property in Spain to appoint a fiscal representative, so all tax notifications are sent to them and not missed. We help clients prepare and submit all their declarations.

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