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We are adding to our number of pieces of video content. We understand it can be an easier way to take in information than to read a long document. As the end of the year gets closer the government will be making announcements regarding policies post-Brexit. We aim to be recording snippets soon after announcements are made an explain what the implications might be for people wanting buy property in Spain and also to make Spain their permanent country of residence. To be informed once these shorts videos are ready to watch, simply subscribe to the Sun Lawyers YouTube channel.

Mark McMillan explains the preparation required for applying for a Spanish non-lucrative visa and the support available from Sun Lawyers.

Angie McMillan explains the four vital things you need BEFORE you head off and start your search for property in Spain.

Spanish Power of Attorney with Joanna Graham,
Solicitor at Sun Lawyers

Why you need a Spanish Will if you have property and assets in the country – with Joanna Graham, Solicitor at Sun Lawyers.

June 2020 – Residencia applications following statement from the British Embassy

Webinar recording from May 2020 about buying property in Spain. While much of the content is valid, do not take the content of the webinar as being advice.

More useful video content, some featuring comment from Sun Lawyers

Buying and Living in Spain after Brexit. Video hosted by Medland Properties featuring Sun Lawyers.

A Place in the Sun video. How to choose a lawyer and what do they do to protect your interests?

Six Steps to your Place in the Sun. A practical guide to buying your overseas home.