Golden Visa

Applying for a Golden Visa in Spain

This page is about applications for a “Golden Visa” and “Investor Residence Permit”  for Spain.

A “Golden Visa” or “Investor Residence Permit” for an investor can be obtained after investing 500,000€ in real estate (property) in Spain (purchases after September 2013 would be included) or 1,000,000€ (made no longer than a year ago) in Spain with one of the following:

  1. Investments in unquoted shares or holdings
  2. Investments in quoted shares
  3. Investments in investment funds, closed-end investment funds or venture capital funds established in Spain
  4. Bank deposit investments

Your spouse could also apply as a dependent and would be eligible for same full rights in Spain and the Schengen area.

Golden Visa Spain

For the “Golden Visa” and “Investor Residence Permit “scheme, you can visit Spain, find a property/properties to invest in, grant a Power of Attorney with our legal team so we can arrange the necessary NIE applications, opening of a bank account and negotiations with the seller’s solicitor and Estate Agents to carry out the conveyancing procedure.

Once you have made the investment (clear and free of debts, liens mortgages etc…), then you either visit one of the Spanish Consulates to apply for a 1-year “Golden Visa” stamped into your passport or return to Spain and we submit an application in Spain for a 2-year “Investor Residence Permit” (90 days rule will no longer apply once applications submitted).

Once the “Investor Residence Permit” applications have been accepted, an application each is made for residence permits (TIE card) for yourself and immediate dependent family members. You can remain in the Schengen zone for as long as you wish thereafter but provided you had spent at least one visit a year on Spanish soil and could also work in Spain if you wish.

To apply for a residence permit with the investor application in Spain and to live here, you will be required to present a Padron certificate and we can assist with this in your local Town Hall (a fee payable of 100€ per person).

The application for the investor and dependent family members is 3,500€ and payable once the investment has been made in Spain. At which point we will inform you of everything needed and the appropriate legalisation of documents and sworn translations into Spanish.

Please contact us at if you require assistance with your visa and/or real estate purchase.

VIDEO: Buying a property in Spain.

Angie McMillan explains about the process of buying a property in Spain.