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Buying in Spain – A Property Masterclass

As part of the month long overseas digital property exhibition, Sun Lawyers is taking part in a Webinar this Sunday. There is a series of free online events running all day, organised under the well-known A Place in the Sun brand.

At 11:00 for 45 minutes, Sun Lawyers CEO, Jose Maria Lomax will be explaining about, and answering questions on the process of buying a property in Spain

11:00 – 11:45 Offer – Conveyancing – Completion; the buying process explained.

All of the property masterclass webinars this Sunday are free and they are staggered throughout the say, so you can dip in and dip out according to interest and other commitments. The other topics being covered include:

  • How and where to get a mortgage
  • What to expect from your estate agent
  • How to transfer Pounds to Euros
  • Managing a rental property
  • Healthcare in care and your options
  • Making Spain your permanent country of residence

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