Non-Lucrative Visa Spain Applications


Non-lucrative visa

Since the end of the transition period, British citizens who did not qualify for residency under the terms of the withdrawal agreement and who want to spend more than 90 days at a time in Spain will need a visa.

Aimed primarily at the retired, the 12 month non-lucrative visa is the most likely choice for non-EU nationals who want to spend long periods in Spain enjoying the lifestyle but not working.

We are receiving more requests for help preparing applications. This is because of the complexity and level of details needed for each application. Plus, should an application be rejected because of an error the visa fee of £516 per applicant may be forfeited.

The non-lucrative visa is applied for through one of the three Spanish Consulate offices in Britain located in either London, Manchester or Edinburgh. In brief, the elements that go to make up the application are:

  • Complete passport
  • Recent photograph
  • NIE certificate
  • Certificate of account holder of Spanish account
  • Account statement last 6 months
  • Proof of incomes, pensions, annuities, summary of pension or investment funds (sufficient to cover all family members).
  • Public or private health insurance with paperwork in Spanish
  • Marriage certificate with apostille and sworn translation for dependent spouse
  • Birth certificate with apostille and sworn translation for dependent children or parents
  • Certificate of criminal record for adults with apostille and sworn translation
  • Medical certificate with apostille and sworn translation
  • Completed visa application form
  • EX-01 application form

Non-lucrative visa fees

  • Visa admin fees of 10.83€ per applicant
  • Visa consular fees of £516 per applicant

Enquire about support for making a non-lucrative visa application

We have a team in place who will guide you through the application process and can provide translation services for documents if these are required too. Once you have your visa and travel to Spain you need to have an appointment at the immigration office/police station to obtain your 12 month TIE residency card.

Email and we will be in touch.