Residency permits in Spain

Spanish Visa

We receive enquiries regularly about residency permits for people wanting to live in Spain. We expect to receive more now that travel restrictions have been eased and hopefully there will be no reversal of that decision. In this blog we explore the residency options.

Under the Withdrawal Agreement

To make applications for a residency permit under the “Withdrawal Agreement” you will need to prove that you were living in Spain prior to the end of 2020 and normally this is done with a:

    1. Padron certificate dated from last year.
    2. Proof of purchase in Spain before 01/01/2021.
    3. Other evidence of legally residing in Spain such as a rental contract signed before the end of 2020. You will also need to provide proof of financial means and health insurance as well.

There could be an extension to the transition period due to COVID-19, but at the moment (25 May 2021) nothing has been agreed.

Visa Applications

If you cannot provide valid proof of living in Spain prior to 31/12/2020 nor is there a future negotiation between UK and Spain to extend the rules as they existed before 01/01/21, then the procedure is to either apply for:

    1. A Visa via the Spanish Consulate in Britain (London, Manchester or Edinburgh office). Attached is information on this process. This must all be done before leaving the UK.
    2. “Golden Visa” for investors after investing 500,000€ in real estate in Spain (one spouse would be named the investor and his/her spouse, also dependent children and parents would be eligible for same full rights in Spain and the Schengen area).

Visa checking service. To check and assist with visa application forms before submission at the Spanish Consulate in the UK, our fee is 150€ per person (IVA/VAT incl.)

For state retirees and others wanting to live in Spain who will not be working, the non-lucrative VISA will most likely be the one to complete.

Once you have arrived in Spain

Once you have arrived to Spain, either with proof of legally residing before the end of 2020 or under one of the Visa schemes, then we can assist you in obtaining the appropriate TIE card at the immigration office. This first requires arrangement of a Padron appointment which we can sort for you. The fee is 100€ per person (IVA/VAT incl.)

A reminder for Tourists

Tourists resident in the UK visiting Spain will not require a Visa but will have a limit to stays of 90 days in a rolling 180 day period. If you can adjust your plans to this 90 day Schengen rule then there will be no need to apply for a Visa but would need to limit your stays.

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