Sun Lawyers “Visa Guru” quoted in The Daily Telegraph


One of the interesting things to witness is how people’s attitudes to living in Spain have softened since the transition period ended on 31 December 2020. Back then the sentiment was that the expat Spanish dream was over. During one of the lockdowns, people were clearly spending more time in front of a computer and some chose to find about more about how the residency process operated, starting with a visa application. We have seen in conversations at the property shows how knowledgeable people have become and how determined they are to live in Spain.

This has been summarised well in an article by Liz Rowlinson on The Daily Telegraph on Saturday 18 June. Challenging the assumption that expat life is tricky and expensive (particularly for retirees) she explains there are ways to smooth the path to that Spanish lifestyle that so many crave. Sun Lawyers Head of Relocation, Mark McMillan, is quoted in the article commenting on non-lucrative visa applications.

Daily Telegraph