Webinar. Buying a Spanish Property in 2023

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At what is the start of a busy time of year, thank you for taking the time to attend the webinar last night about getting ready to buy a Spanish property in 2023.

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If you were not able to watch all of the webinar, a recording is available to view by clicking on the image below. Note the need for the passcode: ^88^CU2o

You can make further arrangements to contact us if you wish to. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page.

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IMPORTANT: There is a passcode to access the webinar which is: ^88^CU2o

Next steps

Sun Lawyers – A complimentary 1-2-1 consultation

It’s not easy to get all of your questions answered in a webinar format. So, we are pleased to be able to extend the offer of a personal consultation over the telephone or in person, if you’re in Spain or planning to visit shortly. Simply email us expressing an interest and we will arrange a convenient time with you.

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