Digital Nomad Visa Spain

Digital Nomad Visa Spain

What we know so far about the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Visa SpainHaving just returned from A Place in the Sun Live at Manchester, people were asking about digital nomad visas. Other countries in Europe already have such a visa in place, but currently Spain isn’t one of them.

The Pandemic has accelerated the acceptance of remote working as a sustainable model for certain jobs and roles. The rise of cloud-based IT to make remote working practical existed already; workplace attitudes have now caught up.

Digital nomad visas provide economically-poorer countries the opportunity to attract foreign investment assuming the people coming can prove sufficient means of subsistence. It’s not just poorer countries that have identified attracting remote workers as a positive development; it’s also sunnier countries too. That is why the Spanish authorities are expected to launch its Digital Nomad Visa Spain later this year.

Spain will launch its new visa as part of its Start-Up Act. The package of reforms is likely to  include generous tax breaks, both for companies and non-resident employees. The exact visa requirements are NOT YET KNOWN. But looking at other countries and what they are asking for you can expect something along these lines:

  • Nomad must be employed by a non-Spanish company
  • Show that only a minimum percentage of turnover originates from Spanish sources
  • Satisfy a minimum income threshold

This proposed digital nomad visa for Spain is an exciting opportunity for remote workers and entrepreneurs. Spain also has the benefit of being closer to the UK than some other countries offering similar visas. The new visa will simplify hopefully many of the formalities needed to live and work in Spain for a few months, or up to a year.

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If you would like to know more about the Digital Nomad Visa for Spain once the Spanish Government has made its formal announcement, (expected around June), email us and we will update you at the appropriate time.