Latest: Digital Nomad Visa Spain

Digital Nomad Visa Spain

Details about Spain’s digital nomad visa were expected to be released in June this year. There has been a slight delay, but the detail that nomads have been waiting to hear could soon be released.

The visa is wrapped up in a larger piece of Spanish legislation called the Startup Act which has now passed through the Spanish parliament and become law.

Looking ar recent articles that have appeared online and with the proviso that this remains speculation, we could expect to learn the following.

  • The scheme will ne open to people who work remotely for a non-Spanish company
  • Only 20% of company’s income can be derived from Spanish firms
  • Applicants will need to show that they have been working remotely for a year or if freelancing, they have been regularly employed by company outside Spain
  • The self-sufficiency finance threshold will be pegged c€2,000 per month, similar to other non-working visas
  • An address in Spain will be required
  • Visas will be granted initially for 12 months, with an option to extend for five years
  • Spouses and children will be able to join the main applicant in Spain
  • There is speculation that tax breaks maybe offered to digital nomads

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