Is the 90 Day rule about to change so Brits can spend more time in Spain?

90 days in Spain in 180

There are early signs that the 90 days (in any 180 day period) rule might be up for discussion, allowing Brits to spend more time in Spain without the need for a long stay visa.

The topic is being pushed forward by officials on the Costa Blanca, lobbying that there will be a negative impact on the local economy if British citizens are unable to spend Winter in the Valencian Community. Present rules will only allow three months at a time whereas before Brexit, pensioners in particular would spend four or five Winter months in Spain.

An extension to 90 days will not be easy and may not prove popular with everyone.

Carlos Mazon, Alicante’s Provincial Council President, met with the Spanish Ambassador Jose Pascual Marco to discuss the rules. That Brits are a source of wealth to the Alicante Province in particular is not in dispute. At the moment there is disparity between Brits coming to Spain and vice-versa. While Brits can spend only 90 days in 180 in Spain, Spanish Citizens can choose to take their whole 180 day entitlement in one go. If this applied to British travelers then the winter migration to Spain might be back on!

It is understood that any final decision on extending the length of stay lies with the Spanish Government. Others in the EU might choose to lobby Madrid to keep things as they are and not to offer any concessions to the UK.

This is certainly one to watch but there is nothing yet to suggest any change is imminent. To keep up with the latest developments on this story follow Citizens Advice Spain.