Spanish Wills made during Covid lockdown may not be valid

Emergency Spanish Wills made during Covid no longer valid

Did you make an ‘emergency’ Spanish Will during lockdown in Spain? 🚑

Understandably, at the height of the pandemic and during lockdown, clients without a Will but with assets in Spain were concerned what would happen to their Spanish home were COVID-19 to claim them.

In response, a mechanism was put in place for emergency Wills to be drafted, signed and validated. Sun Lawyers offered this service on a complimentary basis. But there was less rigour in place than during ‘normal’ times. These emergency Wills were for the emergency situation at the time. But that time has now passed, and these Wills are invalid and should not be relied on anymore.

 What should I do if I made an emergency Will in Spain?

The good news is that it is quick and easy to arrange a new Spanish Will. We can help you create a revised Will with the same arrangements. If you need to update your Will to reflect any changed circumstances, we can do that too.

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