UK Government Travel advice updated from 4 October 2021

Sunrise on the Costa Blanca

The rules on travellers returning to England from Spain are being simplified by the UK Government.

From 0400 BST on Monday 4 October, the amber and green lists will be merged into one list. Spain is currently an amber-listed country.

Anyone who is fully vaccinated will no longer have to take a PCR test before travelling back from Spain to England. Returning travellers will still have to take a PCR test two days after arrival, but this will be replaced by a cheaper and simpler lateral flow test later in October.

The move has been welcomed by the travel industry because it creates a more simplified system that is easier to understand and brings travel policy closer to that of the EU-bloc.

Note these are these are the changes that apply to people who are double vaccinated who are returning to England. This note is up to date as of 20 September, but guidance may change at anytime. Click for the latest government information. Travel rules relating to people not double jabbed are different and current guidance must be obtained.

Government website: New system for international travel from 4 October