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How to apply successfully for spain’s digital nomad visa/permit

8 September 10am (UK Time)

A common question we are asked when we attend shows like A Place in the Sun is: How can I, a British citizen, spend more than 90 days at a time in Spain if I am not yet retired?

The short answer, before 23 December 2022 was that you couldn’t. Unless you happen to be married to an EU citizen, go into early-retirement or can find some Irish ancestry!

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa and Permit were launched in December 2022, providing the opportunity for digital nomads to work in Spain for companies located abroad (and their family members access to the Spanish property market). Nine months on and we know far more about the practicalities of the application process and what the authorities will accept as a legitimate application.

Sun Lawyers visa and relocation expert Mark McMillan, plus a client Mark has helped to get their Digital Nomad Visa will be in conversation with overseas property journalist Liz Rowlinson. They will be discussing:

  • The pros and cons of making the application in Spain rather than from the UK
  • The definition of a digital nomad for the purpose of the application
  • Required documents for the worker and their family members inc. NIE Number
  • Sworn translations and legalisations
  • Meeting the test for financial means
  • The time versus cost conundrum. Self-made or expert-assisted applications
  • The application timeline

We will email people who register ahead of time about any questions they would like to ask, as we know this a subject area that has a lot of detail, and we can prepare responses. There will also be the opportunity for a follow-up consultation for people that have decided this a route for themselves and who would like the expert support provided by Sun Lawyers.

Registration and attendance is free

There is no cost involved so this is your chance to register and learn all about the Digital Nomad Visa – perfect if you are attracted by being a remote worker (with your family in tow as well if that’s your plan).


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