digital nomad visa (Facebook Post (Landscape))

11 Aug: WEBINAR. Digital Nomad Visa

How to apply successfully for spain’s digital nomad visa/permit 8 September 10am (UK Time) A common question we are asked when we attend shows like A Place in the Sun is: How can I, a British citizen, spend more than 90 days at a time in Spain if I am not yet retired? The short answer, before 23 December 2022 was that you couldn’t. Unless you happen to be married to an EU citizen, go into early-retirement or can find…

Your essential guide to successfully buying s Spanish Property

10 Feb: Webinar Recording: Essential Guide to Buying a Spanish Property

On 9 February 2023, experts from Sun Lawyers (Aimee Stokes), Blevins Franks (Mathieu Edwards) and A Place in the Sun Currency (Matthew Boyle) came together to share their knowledge and expertise about the property purchase process in Spain. The webinar was ably chaired by Richard Way, Spanish property expert and journalist. The speaking slots in the YouTube video can be located as follows: Aimee Stokes (Legalities). 3:00 Matthew Boyle (Money & Currency) 21:35 Mathieu Edwards (Tax and planning) 39:50